Machine Translation Post Editing

A perfect merger of technology and competence

Recent advances in machine translation technologies have led to a growing demand for the use of software and applications that could reduce processing times and cut translation costs.

To meet this demand, we have included in our offering the Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE), service, which applies the skills of professional translators to a machine translation process.
While always keeping the highest possible quality of the finished product as the end goal, the MTPE service can allow an overall reduction in times and budget.

However, it must be kept in mind that not all texts are suitable for this service.

Automatic translation, the starting point of this approach to translation services, is able to provide results which then need to be refined with human editing. However, this process can be used only with some language combinations, some types of texts (technical, repetitive texts, not creative or advertising materials) and above all when the contents are intended for consultation, not for publication. In many other cases, it is instead appropriate and even faster to proceed with human translation.

After a preliminary assessment of the contents, we will be able to advise clients on the best strategy to adopt for their project. For post editing, we will define how to proceed, with the client’s agreement: we may perform a simple spelling and grammar check on the automatic translation, or we may make more comprehensive changes to terminology and style to assure better flow, consistency and readability.


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