Translation and proofreading

The translation process involves transposing content to produce an effective text that is immediately usable by its recipients. This delicate process can only achieve its goal through close collaboration between the client and the Metafrasi team. We work on the translations in a high-quality, time-efficient manner at a competitive price.

For each translation project we ensure thorough knowledge of the reference content, accuracy, an appropriate style and terminological consistency.

Technical and scientific translation

Metafrasi provides translations to professionals and companies operating in the technical and scientific industries. Our network of collaborators allows us to meet the specific requirements of each project, using competent linguists with years of experience in their respective area of expertise.

We put together glossaries and style guides and create translation memories to offer customers consistent translations that can be easily updated over time. We work with any file format and guarantee the results of the highest quality in a short time, including through the use of technological tools to aid us in our translations (CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) software and Quality Assurance Software).

We translate installation instruction manuals, use and maintenance manuals for machinery and equipment, civil works specifications, operating procedures and quality control documentation, online guides, specifications and all texts relating to the engineering, automotive, rail, aviation, aerospace, naval, electronic, mechanical and electrical engineering industries.

In the scientific field, we translate texts relating to biomedical equipment, safety data sheets, medical records, informed consent forms, documents in areas such as medicine, pharmacology, clinical, chemistry, physics, genetics, cosmetics, rehabilitation, neurology, microbiology, virology, gynecology, dentistry , orthopedics, pathology and diagnostic imaging.

Translation of patents and intellectual property

Patents play an increasingly important role in the success of companies and certify their level of innovation and competitiveness at national and global levels.

All our team members have a wealth of experience in translating patents with millions of words translated every year in a variety of areas including genetics, pharmacology, biotechnology, diagnostic imaging, medical devices, medical devices, food, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical, transport, chemical, metallurgy, textiles, construction, hardware and software, telecommunications, statistics, physics and optics.

The extensive knowledge of stylistic conventions and the vast database of reference materials collected over time allow us to translate patents in any field and in any language combination.

Legal Translation

The translation of legal documents requires not just language skills but also a thorough knowledge of the legal system of the target country of the translated texts. We only use translators who have received special training in this area. Some examples of the types of legal texts we translate include contracts, certificates, court documents, tenders, policies, rules and regulations, intellectual property documents, financial statements and certified company registrations.

Sworn translation, apostilles and legalization

We offer sworn translations, apostilles and legalization at the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of Naples, to certify the accuracy and conformity of the translated text compared to the original text and can arrange the use of translations for legal purposes.

Translation of financial and business documentation

Our financial translators have extensive experience in the field and are supported by experts enabling us to offer translations in line with international quality standards.

Over time, we have created glossaries and reference materials that allow us to improve terminological consistency.

We translate financial and business documents such as reports, balance sheets, account reports, company deeds and resolutions, business correspondence. All operating procedures are put in place taking particular care to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data supplied to us.

Creative translation, marketing and advertising: Transcreation

Creative translation, or Transcreation, combines transposition from one language to another with the adaptation of style and content, including linguistic and cultural elements of the target language and the culture of the target audience. Through this process we can maintain the semantic and emotional content of the original text with the same effectiveness in the translation.

Creative translation is required for texts such as slogans, advertising campaigns, brochures, presentations and other promotional materials, website content, product descriptions, newsletters, reviews, articles for portals or blogs.

Our translators can produce texts that are immediately ready for publication, enhancing the content according to the different cultural contexts.

Revision and proofreading

The revision phase immediately follows the translation, or the proofreading.

The revision is a process to “refine” a translation, aimed at checking the correct use of terminology and style.

This process allows us to assess the quality of the translation, check that the style and content adheres to the source text, and identify and correct any errors or inaccuracies. The result will be an accurate text, with a style in line with the guidelines agreed with the customer, consistent terminology and a correct layout and format for the final use.



We provide translation services based on the specific skills relating to each area of specialization, going far beyond mere mastery of the source and target languages. For each translation project, we ensure thorough knowledge of the reference content, accuracy, a suitable style and terminological consistency.

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A new social role for Metafrasi

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