Our interpreters have learned techniques and developed specific reformulation capabilities that ensure optimal results and fully meet the needs of our customers. The pool of capable collaborators available to us has many years of experience in the various types of service and language combinations required.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation consists of transposing the speech of a speaker into another language, during speech, without interruption. It is used in conferences, assemblies, meetings, trade shows, conferences and events with an international audience, and usually requires the use of specially developed technology (soundproof booths, headphones, transmitters and receivers, microphones).

Liaison interpreting

It is a technique used at times when two parties meet to define the points of a technical or commercial liaison or negotiation. The interpreter becomes the bridge of communication for a relatively small number of participants and uses the skills gained in the technical and commercial areas, bringing them together with their linguistic experience.

Simultaneous interpretation

Unlike other types of interpretation, simultaneous interpretation requires the interpreter to follow and fully understand the speech, then to translate into another language. For this type of interpretation, when one or more speakers speak, the interpreter alternates, and has the task of reproducing the entire message just stated. It is useful during regular meetings, round table meetings, seminars, debates and any event involving a limited number of participants.


The interpreter sits next to the participants at an event and transposes the speech into the target language by whispering directly into their ear.

Chuchotage interpretation can only be used for a very limited number of participants who are very close to each other.



We provide translation services based on the specific skills relating to each area of specialization, going far beyond mere mastery of the source and target languages. For each translation project, we ensure thorough knowledge of the reference content, accuracy, a suitable style and terminological consistency.

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A new social role for Metafrasi

Metafrasi is getting an update, but only in its social role: our corporate mission and values have not changed from those that have always set us apart in the vast panorama of linguistic service providers and that make up our business ethics. The official website has been completely revised and an increasingly strong and incisive presence on social media has »

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