Each project is analyzed thoroughly in order to identify the optimal workflow in terms of budget and time. For every project, we present a complete solution, tailored to fit the specific needs of each client with the intention of continuously improving the service, thanks to the proactive use of the feedback that we receive from each client.

We carry out all of our activities in compliance with international quality standards established by the standardISO-9001:2008 and the standard UNI EN-15038:2006, which regulates translation service providers.


Metafrasi is committed to providing all its services with the highest level of confidentiality, strictly protecting the content of the texts to be translated, as well as any reference material. Neither the original material nor the translated material are divulged by any means or in any form to parties other than Metafrasi’s collaborators working on the project, who have signed a confidentiality agreement with Metafrasi and work in accordance with the principles of the company’s code of ethics.


Project Manager

The PMs are the preferred communication interface with the customer and are dedicated to managing the entire workflow of each translation project, identifying the most suitable human resources and technologies to resolve both linguistic and management issues.

Management and quality control

Staff in charge of management and quality control actively participates in the organization and coordination of the work of translators and proofreaders, making use of dedicated software programs that maintain high product quality standards.

Translators, proofreaders, interpreters and terminology consultants

Our translators only translate into their mother tongue. The minimum requirements include a degree in foreign languages or in translation and/or interpretation, and at least three years of documented experience and thorough knowledge of their area of expertise.

IT and security managers

Identify solutions that ensure the security of the customer’s data, protecting privacy and preventing any type of unauthorized access (LAN with settings for authorization and user groups, backups and secure storage on the server).



We provide translation services based on the specific skills relating to each area of specialization, going far beyond mere mastery of the source and target languages. For each translation project, we ensure thorough knowledge of the reference content, accuracy, a suitable style and terminological consistency.

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A new social role for Metafrasi

Metafrasi is getting an update, but only in its social role: our corporate mission and values have not changed from those that have always set us apart in the vast panorama of linguistic service providers and that make up our business ethics. The official website has been completely revised and an increasingly strong and incisive presence on social media has »

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