A new social role for Metafrasi

Metafrasi is getting an update, but only in its social role: our corporate mission and values have not changed from those that have always set us apart in the vast panorama of linguistic service providers and that make up our business ethics. The official website has been completely revised and an increasingly strong and incisive presence on social media has been established, in addition to increasing our online visibility, allowing us to communicate with all readers more immediately.

The website, with a graphic layout with a modern design and updated content, is Metafrasi’s new business card, ever in line with the needs of the network: it is easy to navigate and can be easily accessed from all devices, including smartphones and tablets. We have created a virtual place where you can learn about the company, the people working for us and gain a complete overview of the services we offer.

Of course, the website is just one of our channels of communication. The world of social media is incredibly varied and every browser has their own preferences. At Metafrasi, we try to meet the needs of everyone, making ourselves visible across different platforms so that we can reach out to the widest possible audience.

The blog will certainly be the central element of our communication strategy, with news from across the world of translation and regular in-depth articles to provide a continually updated overview of the industry. A preview of the articles published on the blog will always be available on our Facebook page, with links to in-depth articles in an environment brightened up by relaxing moments, with ideas to put a smile on your face before starting your day. For those who love summarized news more than anything else, it is also possible to find all the news in 140 characters! The Twitter platform will be an incredibly quick tool to stay abreast of news and to get in touch with us quickly. Of course, customers and collaborators can also keep connected with Metafrasi on LinkedIn, a highly professional tool to get to know us, as well as making yourself known.

In short, 360-degree connectivity to strengthen our existing relationships and to connect with those who wish to get to know us.