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Expertise and
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For the past twenty years, we have provided translation services to small and medium enterprises, law firms, agencies and institutions operating in the most diverse industries and fields of specialization.
Our team’s expertise and solid know-how allow us to produce highly specialized translations and localized content.
Every project we manage is handled with total confidentiality, guaranteed also by the non-disclosure agreements we stipulate with your partners.

Quality Standards

Certifications and affiliations

Our translations comply with the quality requirements defined by the ISO 17100:2017 international standard. The standard regulates work process management, qualification requirements, resource availability and management and every aspect of the translation process that contributes to a quality translation service.
Affiliation to some of the main trade associations (ATA, American Translators Association, and ELIA, European Language Industry Association) allows us to keep our competencies constantly updated through training courses, webinars, conferences and industry events.


In-house team

Partner, not outsourcer

Every project is fully managed by our team and by a dedicated Project Manager who follows each of its phases.

All texts are subjected to a rigorous management procedure that starts with a painstaking selection of the most suitable translator for the specific language and industry involved, and ends with a thorough QA process to verify compliance with ISO 17100:2017 quality standards before ultimate delivery to the client.

In-house team

Specialization fields

Patent, technical and medical-scientific translations

Specialist translations in the patent, technical and scientific fields are our core business.
Last year, we translated over 12 million words for more than 150 clients who trust in us and have chosen us to manage their projects.

In more than 20 years in the business, we have acquired the knowledge and experience needed to become a leading light in the field of specialist translations.

Our expertise is attested by the ample body of materials (databases, glossaries and guidelines) we have created through the years, constantly revised and used to assure uniformity, consistency and accuracy in style and terminology; these qualities are confirmed on a daily basis by our clients’ satisfaction.

Specialization fields

Language and jargons

Specialist content in different industry jargons

To each translation corresponds a specific industry jargon, essential to make the text understandable to the market and to the intended audience

Your projects will also be assigned to native translators with specific expertise in the required field.

Language and jargons

Translations for internationalization

Communicate your value

A business aiming at international markets must communicate its value effectively and produce commercial documentation supporting its global targets; these contents need total mastery of the language and in-depth knowledge of the sociocultural aspects of the target audience.

A pool of experienced native linguists makes Metafrasi the ideal partner for enterprises that are already operating abroad or are getting ready to enter new global market.

Translations for internationalization

Multilingual projects

Tailor-made solutions

For projects requiring multiple language combinations, we provide tailor-made solutions, customized in terms of times and costs.

Entrusting a single partner to manage a multilingual project provides significant advantages: integrated, harmonious management of the job, uniform style, consistent terminology and style and significant optimization of times and costs.

Each project is assigned to a Project manager, who becomes the point of contact for the client at every step of the process.

Multilingual projects

Tailor-made solutions

Language services


Linguistic courses and solutions

We offer a range of training solutions for those who aspire to become translators and those who want to update their competencies or specialize in a specific field.
The training on offer comprises course and seminars on specialized translation and on the most widely used machine-assisted translation software.
For the details of the courses, you can contact us at +39 081 193 21 890 or write to us using the form. We will be happy to answer any question.

Il Team

Behind Metafrasi

Sabrina Eskelson

Founder, CEO & Director of Client Services

Bilingue italoamericana, laureata in Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne presso l’Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli. Nel 1994 inizia la carriera di traduttrice come freelance. Nel 1999 fonda la società di servizi di traduzione Protos S.r.l. e si afferma come leader nel settore delle traduzioni professionali. Nel 2005 fonda Metafrasi S.r.l.…

Roberta Striano

Lead Translator, Project Manager & DTP Expert

Laurea magistrale in Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne presso l’Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II seguita dal Corso di alta formazione post-laurea in Traduzione Giornalistica presso la LUISS Business School di Roma. Entra nel team di Metafrasi nel 2011 come traduttrice e revisore in-house; inizialmente responsabile dei contenuti creativi…

Irene Onorino

Operations Manager & CAT Tool Expert

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Miriam Grimaldi

Senior Translator & Junior Project Manager

Laurea triennale in Lingue e Culture dell’Asia e dell’Africa e laurea specialistica in Lingue e Civiltà Orientali presso l’Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale, con specializzazione in traduzione dal giapponese e approfondimento dei lessici settoriali. Dopo un periodo di tirocinio in Giappone, nel 2015 rientra in Italia e viene selezionata…

Veronica Tarallo

Lead Translator & Project Manager

Lead Translator, Project Manager & QA Manager


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